About S I X F O U R


“As we wound through narrow streets wrapped around the mountainside, a church appeared, sitting in the centre of the village with houses climbing away either side. Beyond that, fields of wild flowers covered the ground. It was the little piece of unspoilt paradise I’d been scouring Cyprus for.”
— Raea

When Raea and Alex married in 2012, no-one really did rustic weddings in Cyprus. Which is why it took Raea (who’s half Cypriot) months of research, phone calls and visits to the island to find the right people to deliver her vision.

It was time well spent.

Photographers Bayly & Moore captured the celebration, which went viral on Pinterest and featured on boho-weddings.com. Almost overnight, Raea became the go-to person for brides who wanted to capture the raw beauty of Cyprus in their weddings but had no idea where to start. 

That’s when the seed for S I X F O U R was planted.  

Behind the scenes at Raea’s wedding was her cousin Frances. The only person Raea could rely on to handle the tiny details - and both the families - without getting flustered. The day was flawless. In the process, the pair discovered how well they work together.

A few years later, they launched S I X F O U R: a partnership of Raea’s creative talent and Frances’ planning skills and knowledge gained from a successful career in luxury travel. They’ve been using their black book of venues, vendors, florists and photographers to style and manage weddings in Cyprus ever since.