The Real Truth: Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?


We had a gentle chat recently about how a wedding is about two sets of people coming together yadda yadda yadda. This time we thought we'd talk about how to navigate things when everyone has opinions about your day.

In our opinion, a wedding day should be completely personalised, and 100% reflect the bride and groom. But let's have a think about whose wedding this really is.

Firstly, take a look at who's paying for it. If it's not you, you have to ensure the person putting in the funds is paying for an event they're going to enjoy. You might have to invite some guests that they want to invite, even if you don't.

As the bride, you may (or may not) have spent significant time thinking about your day, how you want it to look and how you want it to go down. But please don't forget your groom. The wedding is about both of you, so try to make sure that he's reflected in the day as much as you are.

Then there's your guests. They're the reason you're not eloping. Therefore, keep them at the heart of your celebrations and remember: you're doing this for them too.

So when everyone's throwing opinions, just smile, say 'ooh that's interesting' and take some time to think about it. Work through what to do about it based on whether they're paying for it, whether it reflects the both of you as a couple and whether it makes the guest experience better. If no to all of them, feel free to bat them away.

Don't forget, we say this with L O V E !

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