Sun, Sea, & Brides to Be


Sun, Sea & Brides to Be…

Or Not.

We're deep in the midst of wedding season, and riding the waves of some serious project management. There's been no time to catch up on The Handmaid's Tale or Killing Eve, but we were finally convinced by two of our lovely brides to squeeze in an episode of Sun, Sea & Brides to Be. Have you seen it? One bride told us it was so horrendous it was amongst the best trash TV she's ever seen. That means a lot, coming from a Love Island fan! The other told us that watching an episode of it put her off getting married in Cyprus completely (despite being Cypriot herself!), and caused her a sleepless night desperately searching for vendors that would be about as far from the SS&BTB experience that she could get. Because the trauma of that evening's viewings led her to us, we decided we'd be brave and find out what it is we had to thank it for.

We managed a single episode.

What we'd like to offer in this post is a challenge to SS&BTB - the chance to show you everything that a wedding in Cyprus CAN be, if you know where to find it.

We're going to kick things off with a chat about venues. The episode gave us the impression that these wedding planners had a finite number of venues that couples could choose from when booking their wedding. Most of what we saw seemed quite touristy and caused an extra wrinkle in our foreheads from sadness. Cyprus has so much more to offer than that. It may cater well to 'Brits Abroad', but, if you just look a little bit further, you'll see opportunity hidden everywhere. Go beyond hotels and their terraces and find the private estates, the ruins, the secluded beaches, the mountains (oh the mountains!), the church squares and museums… If you find a spot where a wedding has never happened before? So much the better! We are up for the challenge, and so are the Cypriot team we can pull together.

Second on our list - culture. Cyprus is such an ancient land that has seen hundreds of generations of change. There is history everywhere you look, and influences from so many corners of the globe. Cyprus is so far south in the Mediterranean that it's a short hop to get to Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Syria & Turkey. Hospitality (xenia), and the ability to host an incredible wedding are literally the most important cultural elements of the island, and we love to honour it by keeping our celebrations authentic and sympathetic to the surroundings. Whether you're looking for somewhere to get married that needs to be off the beaten track, or you're heading back to your ancestral home, or perhaps you're marrying in to Cypriot culture - there really is so much more going on in Cyprus than you see at first sight.

Thirdly, originality. Personalisation. Depth and meaning. We didn’t see a huge amount of it in the show, but they are things we believe in so much, we are practically fanatical about it. It's so important for us to get to really get to know you - to know how you operate and what is important to you. We translate it into the physical design of your wedding, so there are touches everywhere that not only look good, but build layer upon layer of symbolism and meaning. It should feel truly original and deeply personal because it's your day to celebrate a rite of passage with all the people that you love.

This leads us on nicely to décor. Good grief, the décor. It's our favourite topic, but we're not sure where to begin! We don't want to bad-mouth the show here, but we will never apologise for bad-mouthing chair covers and matching ribbons. We're already half way through 2019 - about to enter a new decade - and there's no reason that any bride has to suffer this anymore. If you want a colour scheme, you don't have to resort to matching bridesmaids’ dresses to chair sashes. Go beyond that. Dream big. Get creative and move past all the same-same pictures you find online. You want your wedding photos to capture a particular moment in time, but if you can style it so that it sincerely reflects your personalities, it will never date. And then you're on to a real winner.


Having said ALL that, we will admit that there was one thing we did like about our one episode of Sun, Sea & Brides to Be - every person who attended those weddings had a great time. What is a wedding if it isn't the greatest bash you've ever hosted in your life? Here in the S I X F O U R atelier we might not choose lashings of tulle with a purple bouquet and matching cravats, but we do choose atmosphere and revelry - good music, good food, good wine, a packed dancefloor and plenty of xenia.

Photo of Cyprus by S I X F O U R