Who remembers the heat wave of 2018 that lasted for a solid 3 months or so here in the UK? Looking out of the window today at the grey skies, the memories of the dry brown grass, the fans required at night and the humidity-hating hair all suddenly seem worth it… We digress. By this time last year, as those temperatures were in steady decline in Britain, the heat wave was still going strong in Cyprus, and we were lucky enough to be headed right into it to work on the biggest SIXFOUR wedding thus far.

This beautiful event took us into the hills of Paphos, where (thankfully) the humidity decreased and the breeze picked up just enough. Our bride, Chloe, had contacted us only 8 months previously. She explained to us that she wanted to get married to Michael, who was so lovely he was worth marrying twice.  Their first wedding was to be near their home in Melbourne, and the second in Chloe’s father’s village church in Kallepia, with the reception on the adjacent plateia. I’m sure you know by now that this SIXFOUR team are culture vultures, so when we found out that our brief was to mix Chloe’s Cypriot, and Michael’s Italian and Spanish traditions, whilst also keeping up some small sense of continuity from the Melbs wedding, we jumped in with all four feet marvelling at our luck in landing DREAM clients.

 You might be pleased to know that the time zone issues didn’t create any trouble for us. Destination weddings and destination brides require work at all sorts of funny hours, which we’re pretty used to. Chloe won’t mind us telling you that she was not used to it, and by the time she found us was getting thoroughly stressed with trying to deal with vendors that weren’t always the most communicative at 14,000 miles away. For their wedding in Australia, she worked with the The Style Co – a company that we have long admired – to create an absolutely stunning celebration. So this Cypriot wedding really had to showcase the best that Cyprus has to offer, and prove that it could rival the forward-thinking ‘Strayans’. Especially because some of the Melbournites were going to attend both weddings. No pressure, then.

 To this end, Chloe and Michael’s wedding was designed with dancing in mind. Let’s be honest, if there’s one thing that Cypriots know how to do at a wedding is dance like nobody’s watching. Therefore, literally in the middle of a gorgeous church plateia was the dance floor, under a canopy of festoons, surrounded by industrial-inspired tables, taverna chairs, some of the most incredible floristry you’ve ever seen and all accompanied by the island’s best live band playing their hearts out. The vibe was chic and effortlessly glamorous. Helping to build the atmosphere, we arranged for the percussionist to stay on after the band’s set had finished to carry on playing with the DJ, seamlessly leading everyone from live music to a brilliant mixture of Greek tunes, Euro pop and proper classics. The dance floor remained packed. We have to tell you there were quite a few amazing dancing moments, but the best one has to be the bride and groom’s immense first dance. They did a mash-up of Greek, Spanish and Italian music with dancing to match! That kind of first dance takes some serious courage – but that’s Chloe and Michael. They are not shy, and they know how to party. Frances’ favourite memory was when the band’s percussionist, who was playing alongside the DJ, worked his way onto the dance floor to ‘serenade’ Chloe as she danced, making her look truly like the Grecian goddess she is. Raea’s favourite memory was one of the Greek songs, where the bride had to dance solo, and finish by slowly sinking to the floor to pick up a shot of zivania. Really, you had to be there, but she was absolutely on fire in that dance, slapping the floor and giving it her all.

 One year on from the party that raged until four in the morning, with visceral memories of the sore feet that followed, we have been lucky enough to meet up with this awesome pair twice since their wedding to catch up and hear about their new business enterprise Mindfully Loved. Guys, we want to wish you happy 2nd wedding 1 year anniversary! We hope you find to find some time to relax, celebrate, and relive these wonderful memories.


R & F


Photos by Enchanted Wedding Photography