SIXFOUR Lily & Rob 64.jpg

As is usual for Cyprus at the end of May, the weather was exceptional. We’d had days and days of bright blue skies whilst we reconfirmed vendors, gave tours of the venue to the photographers and videographers and ate Galaktobouriko with the family. But on this particular (and very important) day, the darkest grey clouds descended as we drove into Larnaca. When two drops of rain landed on our windscreen, we will happily admit that we prayed to every Greek god we could think of asking the rain to stay away as we were about to set up for our first wedding under our S I X F O U R banner.


When we arrived at Galu Seaside and started arranging chairs for the ceremony, the clouds were blackening, and our worry was increasing. We were checking our weather apps every few minutes searching for solace as the rain threatened. Naturally we had a wet weather plan for the worst-case scenario., but there is nothing like watching your designs made into reality, and then having to abandon them to the whim of the weather and be on the inside looking out. And so… We just kept going with baited breath.

We set up the green canopy amidst reports of torrential rain in Nicosia, and worked hard decorating the tables in a very subdued and eerily heightened atmosphere. As we inched ever closer to the ceremony time, we stood in front of the top table - with its Edison bulbs above and green panels behind - and dared to look up. We will never forget that moment; the clouds seemingly parted over right above our heads and then headed out to sea taking the rain with them. What remained was the most incredible and atmospheric light (you’re welcome, photographers!), and a HUGE sense of relief.

You may have seen these pictures on Boho Weddings or Chic & Stylish Weddings, but this one is for Lily and Rob on their first anniversary. We want to thank them for being the best first clients we could have wished for, with their awesome sense of humour and style. We just loved creating this scheme with them as they mercilessly teased each other and had us in stitches daily. We hope they’ve enjoyed their first year of marriage, and that they’re looking forward to many more! Special thanks must be made to Aphrodite, Zeus, Persephone, Apollo and the entire Pantheon for keeping the rain at bay so we could watch this hilarious duo tie the knot in front of that outstanding backdrop. Our fave memory to relive is thinking back to the full moon rising and reflecting its light on the sea, whilst the party raged amidst confetti, glitter and Paramore.

Happy anniversary Lily & Rob! We are raising a glass for you this weekend!

Love, us.