The Real Truth: It's Not All About You


You've heard it said in every magazine and in a thousand blog posts: "A wedding is all about the bride and groom" or "It's your special day". And while both of these statements are true, they are also completely false.

The truth is that a wedding is about two people committing to each other. And for two sets of family and friends to witness it and celebrate it. It's a PARTY. It's the biggest and best party you've ever hosted in your life.

This all means that you have to be careful with your plans and ensure that you work hard to make your party an easy, relaxing and bloody enjoyable celebration for everyone you've invited. Because it's the people you've invited and their unique personalities that make the day truly special. Unless you're eloping, but that's an entirely different post.

Don't forget, we say this with L O V E !

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