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Happy Birthday to us!

A birthday message…

Have we ever told you how S I X F O U R got its name? It stands for 6th April, which just so happens to be our birthday. There may have been two years between the actual dates of our birth, but we have always been connected by the fact we celebrate on the same day. Yes, we are Aries. Yes, we are fire. Yes, we also share this day with the start of a new tax year. But, our birthday has new meaning now that S I X F O U R is in our lives. This is a special post from Raea to Frances and Frances to Raea, which, although written totally separately and without discussion, has (somewhat serendipitously) all the same sentiments.

To my dearest Frances,

I think very few cousins can say that they are not only best friends, but also business partners. And fewer perhaps can say they’re cousins born on the same day.  How we’ve managed all three I do not know.

Growing up in New Zealand with you in England, I always woke up on my birthday with you on my mind. I would ask mum if I could call and wish you a happy birthday which was probably more often than not, a no. In fact, we practically grew up not knowing each other at all and our only communication ever was a call, or later with mobiles, a text message. I knew you were special and I felt a bond, even though we were oceans apart and talked for a few seconds once a year, if we were lucky.

I think from the moment we started living with each other when I moved to the UK, it was apparent that we were truly Yin and Yang. We were so different (still are really), but somehow so similar. As the years have rolled on, our bond and the friendship we have has grown from strength to strength. We certainly have made up for all the years we were not fully present in each other’s lives. These days we ‘same brain’ on practically everything, we share in our children’s milestones, and perhaps more extraordinarily, we work with each every day doing our dream job. How lucky am I for all of that, and to call you not only friend, but sister! For all this I am so grateful. 

So today on our birthday I want to wish you the happiest birthday! I also want say thank you. Thank you for being the most amazing friend anyone could ask for. Thank you for having my back at all times and for putting me in my place when I’ve needed a good reminder. Thank you for all your passion & hard work towards S I X F O U R and your dedication to it, even though it costs you most of your free time and a super-woman kind of multitasking to achieve. I couldn’t and wouldn’t do this gig with anyone else!

Here is to us, another year older, probably more wrinkly, but better for it.

I love you so much!

Love RaeRae xxx


Dear Raea,

It’s our birthday! Although we grew up separated by oceans and continents, sharing our birthday gave us a very special connection. You ALWAYS beat me to saying ‘happy birthday’ first, but it ended up being an occasion where I was glad to lose the race, because it meant we got to talk once a year. It’s become a favourite memory.

There’s another memory I want to talk about, and it’s one I’ll never forget. Meeting up with you in London one lunch break; I needed to talk to you because I was freaking out that I wouldn’t be able to make it to your wedding. I mean, who takes a newborn away on holiday?! I was literally in tears trying to tell you, and was utterly devastated at the thought. Of course, you were an angel and you totally understood, but I was miserable, and eventually decided that I just couldn’t miss it. With only 2 days to spare before the cut-off date, Evie was born, her passport sorted out, my post-partum wedding guest outfit was purchased and we all made it to Cyprus. Thank god we did, because little did we know that your wedding was the start of something that (along with my amazing family) is becoming the best endeavour of my life.

And I’m not kidding when I say that I absolutely couldn’t do it without you. Not just because I couldn’t do it alone (I couldn’t), but I couldn’t do this with anyone else. No one else has your big dreams, or your crazy ability to adapt and change. No one else talks to themselves so much, or has me in fits of laughter. No one else would stay up until the wee hours imagining, planning and creating magic with me. You’re the yin to my yang, the up to my down, and literally the left to my right. You are ridiculously talented, and I am unbelievably glad we are on this journey together.

So, bestie of mine – we are separated by oceans and continents for this birthday once again. I wish you a bloody good day with your most-deserving family, and cannot wait to celebrate with you when you get back! I’m booking in the reflexology appointment for us today!

With love forever and ever amen,