D E S E R T . R O S E pt.3


Desert Rose

The Styled Shoot…

We’ve got some exciting news today. It’s appropriate that our weather is finally hotting up a little, because this next instalment of Desert Rose is about how we took our inspiration from our mini tablescapes you saw in Part 2, and elevated it to a full styled shoot. And we are thrilled to say that it’s just been published!

To prove that inspiration and personalisation can honestly be used anywhere, we chose to take our Desert Rose theme to New Zealand. On a cloudy, autumnal day in Auckland, we opted for an indoor shoot with the most exquisite collaborators to take Desert Rose to the next level. The results are stunning.

Do you remember how we were struck by the utilitarian buildings? They were designed to be uninviting on the inside, and promised all their beauty in secret on the inside. The colours were earthen – dusky pink, grey and brown, which you’ll see we’ve echoed in the dried flowers, the pale pink roses, and the muted stationery. The cut fruit reinforces the idea that you have to delve in and see the beauty inside.

The road trip we took into the desert through rocky sand dunes and volcanic craters was recreated with rough-textured dark vases with taupe candles on top of pale linen. We wanted to represent the black streaks of volcanic dust that muddied the alabaster sand.

And remembering the moment we stood at the edge of the Atlantic, with the sun beating down on our shoulders, watching a large sand dune being cut off from the tide… Such a simple and beautiful moment that impressed upon us how important it would be to keep our scheme minimalist. Each item on the table conjures specific memories of how wild the area, and how rich the culture. Gold cutlery invokes the warmth of the sun; the hazy, embroidered fluted sleeved dress reminds us of the swathes of fabric worn by the Saharoui; and the pleated two-piece worn by our bride is a pleasant surprise – much like spotting the ocean from the middle of the desert.

Photos by Bayly & Moore

With huge thanks to the following talents who helped make this possible…

Bayly & Moore - Boutique Bride - Made Up by Ruth Baron - Sophie Easton for Clyne Models - Floral Stylist Co - Arkade - Amy’s Secret Kitchen - Brooke Tyson Ritual - Zoe & Morgan - AC Homestore - State of Reverie for helping us put together this awesomely beautiful scheme. As featured in Together Journal here.