D E S E R T . R O S E

Desert Rose Flat Lay by SIXFOUR

Desert Rose

An Introduction.

Hi everyone, hope you’re good. Super excited to be sharing this post with you all today! We’ve been wanting to release a little bit of inspo for quite a while, and we finally got the chance to do it recently. We’ve called it ‘Desert Rose’, and while we have to admit that the title for this shoot does come from Sting’s (amazing) song, it’s actually inspired by an incredible trip to the Western Sahara late last year. It made such an impact on us that we’ve been dwelling on it for a while, and knew we needed to translate it into something tangible for you all to see. Put the song on while you read through if you like – it makes a good accompaniment. And it won’t take you long to see that both ‘desert’ and ‘rose’ will feature fairly heavily!!

The Western Sahara is an amazing place. Although it’s technically part of Morocco, it's a stunning combination of coastline and desert. These western wilds of Africa are windy and volcanic, which makes for some of the most wild and raw scenery you’ve ever seen. The memories are still so vivid, and we are hoping that the following images are going to inspire you the same way we were inspired!

Before we start, though, let us set the scene. Our trip there included a visit to a cattle market and to an arts and crafts school where the students learn metalwork, perfume making, basket weaving, making fabric, making clothes… So many things… You can imagine how we loved it! We went to a beautiful hotel built similarly to a Riyadh where we had a mint tea poured and re-poured in the traditional Moroccan fashion, and also had a chance to try dromedary milk (the vegan notwithstanding!). Then, picture this: a trip in a 4x4 through volcanic sand dunes - Gipsy Kings blasting on the radio - to go for a traditional lunch in a Saharoui camp, overlooking the sea and its rocky islands beyond. Honestly, it was something else.

So, in this first instalment of our Desert Rose series, we’ll talk to you a little bit about the elements in particular that we wanted to focus on, and take you through our mood board.

Desert Rose Moodboard by SIXFOUR

We started with photos. One of the photos we took on the way to the cattle market managed to capture all the colours that made up the whole area. You see the rose colour – that dusky, brick shade of pink that is so now, next to a couple of earthy grey colours, with a little bit of brown thrown in and a beautiful blue sky. We love the imperfect paint, the straight lines and its obvious utilitarianism.

Western Sahara by SIXFOUR

The other photo we focused on was of the sand dunes against that blue sky again. They’re not the huge orange sand dunes of the Central Sahara; they’re much paler with a lot of black volcanic rock. This time it was the blue that captured us, and its contrast to the dunes. The final photo was a close up of the sand – wind-blown and full of texture. The white sand and black rock dust mixed together make for a thought-provoking picture. It’s rough, but it’s very beautiful.

We’ll go into depth about our choices of complementing images with the next few posts, but we wanted to put up some of our shots that didn’t fall into one of the specific looks. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some insight into how our imaginations work, and how we translated the looks. We wanted to evoke our memory of the trip, but not wander too far off from the current minimalist movement. We also wanted to give a nod to the 70s, which is something we’re seeing coming through interior design at the moment, with shiny metals (particularly chrome) arches and pill shapes.

We hope you enjoy our designs, and inner workings of our brains! When we say that we take most of our inspiration from outside the wedding world, hopefully you’ll see that we really mean it! Reliving the experience of driving through those dunes – it reminds us that weddings are 5-sense experiences where all involved must be participants and not simply spectators. They’re the most incredible parties full of heart, and we believe that good design brings out their soul.

R & F xx